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The Men of Lake-town Tweet

Once again the birdsies are tweeting away.


Stephen Fry: “Flying from Cape Town to Jo’burg to Sydney to NZ tomorrow. Will be Tuesday by the time I land in Wellington. Hobbitry beckons.”


Luke Evans: “photo shoot for Dazed and Confused with awesome photographer Rankin tomorrow in LA before I fly to NZ for the Hobbit. Bring on the Bard!!!!!”



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Luke Evans Talks about Bard on the MTV Movies Blog

Luke Evans has been cast in “The Hobbit” as Bard the Bowman, but don’t ask him anything about his experience working with director Peter Jackson — because, believe it or not, he has never actually met the man. In fact, he did his whole “Hobbit” audition online.


“I auditioned for it like a year ago. It’s amazing. Things happen like that sometimes on movies. Projects happen or they get stopped. As you know, ‘The Hobbit’s’ had a lot of hurdles to jump before it started production,” Evans explained. “So yeah, I auditioned for it a year ago and never heard a single thing back.”


Obviously Evans has since heard back and has landed what might be considered the biggest role of his career thus far, and his cast members on “The Three Musketeers” have gotten him very excited to start shooting in New Zealand next week.


“I’ve heard just wonderful things about the whole process with Peter and Phillipa and I know a few of the actors in the movie and Orlando [Bloom] has always said wonderful things about him and the experience he had on ‘Lord of the Rings’ so I can’t wait,” Evans said. “It’s just lovely to be a part of something that’s just a little bit of cinematic history.”


Evans said he’s pretty prepared in terms of the physical requirements of the movie thanks to his work on “The Three Musketeers,” “Immortals” and “The Raven,” but he is looking forward to working on his archery skills. Unfortunately, though, he knows as much as the fans do when it comes to the movie because he hasn’t had a chance to start shooting.


It does mean that he’s been keeping up to date on Jackson’s video blogs that he has been posting from the set. “As the weeks have gone by I’ve sort of been able to settle in the film I’m doing right now, I’ve been able to see the amazing video blogs that he’s done which are fantastic and I think it’s genius that he’s doing them because they’re really, really insightful and it gives the fans and anybody, everybody, a little taste of the enormity of this project,” Evans said. “So that’s about as much as I know.”

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The Casting of Bard, Smaug and the Necromancer

A lot has happened over the end of last week. The biggest announcements, made by deadline.com, were the casting of the role of Bard the Bowman and the voice of Smaug.

The first role is going to be enacted by Luke Evans, one of the actors from the upcoming Three Musketeers.

The second is that Smaug‘s voice will be none other than Benedict Cumberbatch‘s. He will also be voicing the character of the Necromancer in the Hobbit films.

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Luke Evans as Bard

Luke Evans (born April 1979) is a British actor.

He was born on Pontypool but lived his early years in Crumlin, a small village in Newbridge South Wales. The rest of his childhood and Teenage years were spent in the village of Aberbargoed, South Wales, at the age of 17 when he moved to Cardiff and then in 1997 he won a scholarship to train at The London Studio Centre for 3 years.

Since his graduation in 2000, Evans has starred in many of London’s West End productions including La Cava, Taboo, Rent, Miss Saigon and Avenue Q as well as several fringe shows in London and at the Edinburgh Festival.

In 2008 he landed a role playing Vincent in the play Small Change written and directed by Peter Gill at the Donmar Warehouse, later that same year he did his second show at the Donmar Warehouse, Piaf, in which he played Yve Montand. The following year he landed his first film role as Apollo in the Clash of the Titans (2010) remake, he later went onto play Clive in the film Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (2010). He was then seen in Robin Hood (2010) playing the Sheriffs Thug. Evans went on to portray DI Craig Stokes in Blitz (2011), the film adaptation of Ken Bruen’s novel of the same name in which he stars with Jason Statham and Paddy Considine. After that, Evans went on to play the role of Andy in acclaimed director Stephen Frears’ newest film Tamara Drewe (2010) based on Posy Simmonds’ Tamara Drewe. Gemma Arterton co-stars. In early 2010 he starred in an independent movie called Flutter (2011) directed by Giles Borg. He then went on to shoot Tarsem Singhs Greek epic, Immortals (2011) in which Evans plays Zeus.

Evans will be playing the role of Aramis in Constantin Film’s upcoming 3D version of Alexander Dumas’ book The Three Musketeers (2011), directed by Paul WS Anderson. Filming took place in Bavaria, Munich and Berlin.

Evans will then star alongside John Cusack in James McTeigue’s film The Raven, replacing Jeremy Renner. In the film, Evans will play Detective Fields who investigates a series of murders alongside Cusack’s Edgar Allan Poe, set in mid-19th century Baltimore.[1] Shooting is taking place in Budapest and Serbia from November 2010.

He will also portray the character of Bard the Bowman in director Peter Jackson’s upcoming two-part adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Source: Wikipedia


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