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Peter J on Facebook: announces casting for “Tauriel” and the Goblin King

More news via Peter J. on casting. It appears that Itaril is a no-go, but now we have a Tauriel, which means ‘daughter of Mirkwood’, in our cast. The character is being played by Evangeline Lilly, who assayed the character of Kate Austen in the phenomenal series, Lost.

Peter J has also stated that Barry Humphries will be playing the character of the Great Goblin “in much the way Andy Serkis created Gollum”. So that would definitely be something look forward to.

Read more on his facebook page here.

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Peter J talks more about casting on his Facebook Page

Peter J updates his facebook page and talks about Stephen Fry joining the cast of The Hobbit Films. He will be essaying the role of The Master of Laketown. He mentions that Ryan Gage will be playing the role of Alfrid, The Master’s civil servant.

Lastly, he mentions the casting of Conan Stevens who is going to be playing Azog.

An interesting read, and one that makes you smile when Peter jokes about his height. You can read it in detail here.

Also watch this video from youtube about the casting.

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The Casting of Elves from Wellington

A report by Markus on TheOneRing.net

I know that a lot of people are extremely interested to hear from the extra casting in Wellington today. Well, I was there. But as we all had to sign a non-disclosure agreement I have to keep it vague and can only tell the obvious, visible from the outside and some heart-warming stories. There was some press-folks around and I noticed that they managed to find people telling them what happened, so I guess it will be in the news soon. It’s really not that exciting, though.

I was amongst the first people to get in and met some very friendly staff from 6 Foot 7. Everything was very organized and it didn’t take long. The biggest challenge for some people to get in was already at the entrance: Are you really tall enough? A quick check showed that 1m does not have to be the same everywhere. Even the impressive high heels of some of the girls had to be taken off and everyone became equal when trying to pass the minimum height line. Despite of that some people managed to sneak in, I don’t know what happened to them.

I felt very sorry for one guy that just came for the casting from Missouri, USA but wasn’t tall enough. I hope he will spend some time in NZ before he flies back to enjoy the country. One woman brought a sword, which was completely ignored. I guess it must have been noticed at least. Surprisingly between 8:30 and 12:00 only very normal people showed up, no elves, no warriors, no costumes. Maybe they all came in the afternoon?

It was impossible to count the people that queued, but at about ten the line was around the corner and up the hill. I estimate a 1000 people as a minimum would have shown up at the end of the day.

For me the whole thing was completed after about 15 minutes. I am of good cheer to be able to watch The Hobbit one day, knowing that the elf in the very background of one scene is me.


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The Cast of The Hobbit

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