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Andy Serkis Serves As Second Unit Director on The Hobbit Films

Andy Serkis, who reprises his role as Gollum, in The Hobbit Films, is now about to serve as a second unit director on the films as well.

“I think I understand Peter’s sensibility and we have a common history of understanding Middle Earth,” Serkis told The Hollywood Reporter. “A lot of the crew from The Lord of the Rings was returning to work on The Hobbit. There is really  a sense of Peter wanting people around him who totally understand the material and the work ethic.”

He said further, “When Peter asked me. There was this email out of the blue. It was a fantastic surprise…It is wide ranging and encompasses a lot of directing aspects of film-making and story. Yes, there is some performance capture, but I will be very much on the live action sets and locations helping Peter to tell the story…The learning curve is The Hobbit is being shot in 3D” and  he notes that this effect will be used “dramatically, to give a point of view.”

As to the move from book to film, he says, “In the same way Lord of the Rings was an interpretation of the book, The Hobbit is being treated the same way. It will be faithfully represented with a fresh interpretation.”

The report is that the busy actor just completed shooting his performance in the film. As to the character of Gollum, Serkis confidently proclaims: “He is very much a Gollum that people will recognize,” and that he has depicted Gollum in his “truest form.” He further added that it was “thrilling” to reprise the role of Gollum. “I was looking forward to doing it. He never really left me. When we created Gollum the first time, performance capture was in its infancy,” he said, noting that today, “within the industry, there is more appreciation for it as an acting art form. It’s all about character, learning what the character thinks, feels, how he carries pain.”

The actor also has performances in two additional anticipated movies are on the way, both of which are performance capture. He will play Caesar in the Planet of the Apes prequel Rise of the Apes, slated for an Aug. 4 debut; and Captain Haddock in the December release The Adventures of TinTin: The Secret of the Unicorn.



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