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PJ’s Cameo and a small note McKellen gives on the upcoming DVDs.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey drew large crowds on Friday and set a new December opening day record with an estimated 37.5 million from 4,045 locations.

In Empire’s recent video interviews with the cast of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Peter Jackson revealed a couple of interesting titbits about his intentionally mysterious cameo in the film.

If you haven’t seen it already, it’s probably best if you don’t know – but if you have seen the first Hobbit movie already, here’s where he was hiding: in Erebor, dressed up as a dwarf, high-tailing it away from Smaug as the wicked wyrm blasted his particular brand of firey halitosis all upside The Lonely Mountain.

But as most dwarves in the film are bearded, helmeted and armoured, it’s very difficult to make him out without knowing where he’ll be in advance.

The question is then why he chose that role – why did Peter “Carrot Chomper” Jackson hide himself away from the limelight this time around?

“I didn’t have a great deal of choice,” he explains. “There weren’t any human characters in this film, and there weren’t any hobbit roles I could play… and I’m not an elf.”

Also news on the DVD given directly by Sir Ian McKellen in an interview with Empire:

There is one scene that is missing (from the theatrical version of The Hobbit) that i helped to write: just a suggestion to underline as to why Gandalf picked Bilbo to go on the quest with the dwarves.  It’s because he has met Bilbo when he was a little boy. There was a scene in which I played with him and pulled a toy dragon out of my sleeve – precursing events to come. That is gone; but, peter assures me, it is in the extended dvd version – which he has already made and cut. It’s already waiting!


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News so far

Let’s begin by saying, if you do not already know, that is, that Day 266, which was 6th July, 2012, was the last day for principal photography of The Hobbit films. Peter Jackson himself, on his facebook page, mentioned: “We made it! Shoot day 266 and the end of principal photography on The Hobbit. Thanks to our fantastic cast and crew for getting us this far, and to all of you for your support! Next stop, the cutting room. Oh, and Comic Con! Cheers, Peter J.”

There was also a party for the wrap-up and this was mentioned in the news.

Excitement bubbled over on the Wellington waterfront last night as an estimated 3500 cast and crew members of The Hobbit headed to the wrap party at the TSB Bank Arena.

The public were kept strictly at arm’s length. “It’s a private party for invited guests only so there’s no public red carpet or that,” said Peter Jackson’s assistant Matt Dravitzki.

“It’s just a private gathering for people who worked on the film.”

Dravitzki said the film’s premiere, slated for the end of the year, would be a chance for the public to see stars on the red carpet.

This weekend’s party was an opportunity for cast and crew to bond after a long shoot.

So that brings us to Comic Con.

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Screenshots from The Hobbit trailer

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Screen Captures from the Production Video #4


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Alan Lee and John Howe introspecting on 3D technology

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