One more day to go!

I booked my tickets!

Will have them by this evening!

Three shows back to back!

😀 Ecstatic!




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5 responses to “One more day to go!

  1. I saw it yesterday and it was great! I wish you a lot of fun!!!

    • HC

      I had a chance to see it yesterday – but just one show! So I waited to see a back to back viewing of three shows! 😀

      • OMG, three shows sounds like an overkill – enjoy it!!!

      • HC

        😀 Nah – I am used to it. Did that for all the Potter movies too. 🙂 After three shows at one go, I am satisfied enough not to head back in to watch it at the theatre… Then I can sit back and wait for the DVDs.

      • Well, there is nothing better then a good training 😉

        I’ll watch it again on saturday in OV and then I’ll see…maybe once more…or twice…or… *lol*

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