Red Carpet Screen Captures

🙂 I got up at 9am and then was too groggy to stay up, and tried to go back to sleep, and then I tossed and turned wondering what was happening in Middle-earth, NZ. 🙂

So I woke up and logged onto the live stream in bed… my pet dog, Zoe, wondered what was wrong now and why I had woken up so early (again! been having a lot of sleepless mornings with mom’s health issues) and I had to disappoint her again. I woke up and attached the laptop to the large telly in the drawing room. Mom, my sister, Geeta and I watched the live stream from William Kircher’s (Bifur) interview.

Some screen captures I would like to post here.

The recap is going on at – so if you have missed it, check it out again. It was lovely seeing all the stars walk down the red carpet. Cate looked lovely with her children. Sir Ian McKellen didn’t show, but the rest of the cast did. Including Elijah. Peter Jackson’s speech was cool to hear as always. And seeing the entire cast ensemble come onto the stage before the premiere was quite lovely.


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