The Hobbit Premiere

A friend of mine wrote in on facebook and told me that he is going for The Hobbit premiere tomorrow. I am insanely jealous. I would have surely loved to go there and see the movie, screamed out love at the stars (mostly PJ and Ian McKellen), goggled at the spectacle of the theatre, the airport, the country! But alas, it is not to be…

Some times we look at fate and say ‘give me a break!’ – this is one of those times. In the larger scheme of things, a movie should not matter, but this is me, and this is my scheme of things and for me it does matter. I think I am venting here because after all, people who follow this blog will be the ones who understand. What it actually means to be there and to see it all happen right in front on you, instead of waiting for the extras on the extended dvd menu. But there is no point in crying over things that are out of my reach.

I can always say next year, for part 2.

So this is just me being morose and writing about it. I shall be keeping you posted on the happenings there – it is already 27th in our part of the world and in roughly another 32 hours more we shall be seeing the events unfold at the Embassy Theatre.

According to BBC News Wellington has splashed out 1.1 million New Zealand dollars (£557, 800) on preparations for the movie launch on November 28, including a red carpet that will stretch for 500 yards through the city centre to the doors of The Embassy Theatre, where the exclusive screening will take place.

To highlight New Zealand’s burgeoning position in the film industry, Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown will unofficially rename the city Middle Earth for three weeks surrounding the premiere!


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