Ian McKellen Updates His Blog.

Ian McKellen

Two lovely posts. One describing how it felt to be back as Gandalf – no, that question is always asked all the time – and none of us here gets tired of hearing the answer. 🙂 And reading about how everyone is preparing for the NZ premiere. I am terribly jealous, but it’s all right, another year perhaps, or another life time. 🙂

He says, “The cast was mostly new, though: 13 dwarves and a hobbit who all wanted to know “What will it be like?”  Yet the first actor I met on set was Elijah Wood, 13 years older and yet looking the same ever-youthful, modest, enthusiastic, charmer as before.  That other charmer, Orlando Bloom, was back, too, living with his family next-door to me on the Wellington bay.  It was old times especially when Elrond and Galadriel flew in from Australia, and our reunion a high spot of the whole shoot.  Saruman joined us for our scenes in Rivendell but Christopher Lee was actually filmed later in London, though you’d never guess from the finished cut.  There was less work on location, once we had revisited Hobbiton, rebuilt in Matamata.  Concentrated into two months touring both islands with our caravanserai of trucks and trailers and 4-wheel drive saloons.  The studios in Miramar were luxuriously improved, particularly Studio K (K for King Kong), though the Bag End interiors were housed in the old paint factory as of old.”

And then in typical McKellen humour ends with, “I noted that the front door keys were nowhere to be seen.  That’s because they hang on a hook by my back door in London.  Don’t tell anyone.”

The other blog post – the most recent one is about Peter J. I have been so long in keeping away from the scene that reading McKellen talk about Peter J is completely enrapturing.



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  1. Anonymous

    Always a pleasure reading about Mckellen… Awesome actor… Love all his movies…

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