Comic Con 2012

At Comic Con, PJ revealed a fantastic poster of Gandalf striding around the Shire (on his way, presumably, to knock on the round, green door of Bag End). 🙂

I was quite delighted to see this because it reminded me instantly of this art illustration by John Howe.

Artwork by John Howe

I so wished I could at least go and check out the Comic Con (if not manage to get a part in the movies itself – ahem, koff, koff), but it’s not to be. So any way, it started of on July 12, 2012. 🙂 I have a few lovely videos for you to check out:

After the full panel began, Jackson said that The Hobbitis a movie made by fans for fans.” He then introduced the cast of the movie, including McKellan and Freeman. Special guest Elijah Wood then joined the cast onstage to strong applause from the audience.

Freeman was soon asked a couple of questions about playing the title character. In talking about wearing the costume, he noted that for the first few days, “[the costume] feels like a fledgling duck“  but he became accustomed to it after a while.  When asked if he felt intimidated joining a cast and crew that had been working together for so long, he said that he didn’t feel a lot of pressure and never felt intimidated. He recognized that the filmmakers wanted him specifically to serve in the role and that’s why he wanted to do it.

The actor later said that it “feels like a special place where these films are made,” noting that he “had to find his way into it.”

Elijah Wood was then asked about seeing The Hobbit footage at Comic-Con and his impressions of it. “I was blown away,” he said.

An audience member then asked Jackson about the process of selecting scenes for his films and for the director’s cut DVDs.  He noted that he doesn’t shoot footage for only the special-edition DVDs. He just shoots a lot of footage, adding that they “write the script as [they’re] shooting.” He noted that the process is very organic and that it’s only at the end of the process that he decides what footage he’ll use for the theatrical release and which footage he will save for the DVDs. He later added, “We’re not very good at making short movies, unfortunately.”


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