Peter J posts another production video

Peter J posts another production video on his facebook page. 🙂

The transcript of the #2 Production Diary
by RoseCotton from The One Ring Forums. 🙂

Peter Jackson: Sky darkens… and… flames! … And cut. That’s great. Good, we got that. That’s fabbo. Fabbo, fabbo, fabbo. Thank you very much.

Andy Serkis: Yay! That’s the one.

Peter Jackson: Hey, well thank you very much everybody for a great first block! And, uhm, have a great break. Everyone’s having a break, and we will see you back here soon enough.

Andy Serkis: Ladies and gentlemen of the second unit, that is a wrap on block one!

Andy Serkis: So, we’re just gonna get one more pick up in Bag End, er… hello?

Peter Jackson: Yep. Come in.

Andy Serkis: Ah, oh so– hi, Pete.

Peter Jackson: Hey, Andy. Come on in.

Andy Serkis: Just wanted to do one more pick up in here if that was alright.

Peter Jackson: What’s this? Ah, this is the video-blog pick up.

Andy Serkis: Yeah, that’s the one.

Peter Jackson: That’s right. There you go, end of block one. But anyway, we’ve, uhm, we just wanted to say hi to everybody because we haven’t done one of these video blogs since the beginning of the shoot. Feels like a lifetime.

Andy Serkis: Wow.

Peter Jackson: It doesn’t– ‘Cause you, the first week of shooting we did with Andy as Gollum.

Gollum: If it loses, Precious, then we eats it!

Peter Jackson: You weren’t a second-unit director in those days. You were an actor. You were an old-fashioned–

Andy Serkis: No, no. And now I’ve crossed over to the dark side.

Peter Jackson: You’ve know gone to the dark side.

Andy Serkis: I’m wiped! I’m absolutely wiped!

Peter Jackson: It’s all yours!

Andy Serkis: Is it? Ah, right, okay.

Peter Jackson: Just give us a good battle!

Andy Serkis: Yeah, yeah, yeah… er, okay.

Andy Serkis: I don’t know how you do it! It’s, uhm…

Peter Jackson: You get tired. I always just tell people I get exhausted at the end of the first couple of days, and stay exhausted till it finishes. You know, we have 250 days of shooting on these two Hobbit movies, and I think it’s a much better way to divide it up into three blocks, and then have some time to edit what you’ve done, look at it, hand visual effects shots over to the CGI guys. You can really focus on the script revisions. It’s just a much smarter way to shoot these big films.

Andy Serkis: Yeah, and something on this scale, too. I mean, when we got given our T-shirts which said 54 days down, 200 to go, I have to admit, I don’t know how great it was, you know: please wear these on set tomorrow…

Peter Jackson: It wasn’t exactly a morale-making moment, was it? Everywhere you turn, on people’s backs was ‘200 days to go’, it was like, ‘Oh, God!’ I felt tired before lunch, you know.

Liz Tan: The good news is that it’s over. The first day back is Monday the 5th of September. So, thank you guys. It’s been a pleasure having you [indistinct].

Unknown: What’re you guys off to during the break?

Peter Hambleton: Er, my wife and I… my lovely wife, Aileen, have got a holiday in the south island of New Zealand.

William Kircher: And my lovely, gorgeous wife, Nicole, and I are just gonna work on the house.

Ian McKellen: I’m leaving, shortly after talking to you, for London which is a long journey, er, by plane, and, once there, I immediately go into production of a play I’m going to do by Eduardo de Filippo.

James Nesbitt: I’m, er, going to America, to Pebble Beach in a week to play some golf.

Jed Brophy: Work on my tan so that I can really freak the make-up people out when I come back.

Richard Armitage: I’m having a break. I’m having four weeks off.

George Saliba: A bit of sleeping in. My favourite hobby.

Mark Hadlow: First we’re going to Australia to see our eldest daughter.

Victoria Beynon: I’m going to run a marathon.

Mat Gordon: I’m going to attempt to sort of write and record a psychedelic sludge rock album.

Ann Maskrey: Hitting the fabric shops in central London.

Conan Stevens: And I go home to Thailand tomorrow!

Sylvester McCoy: To Barcelona to meet Dr. Who fans from Spain.

Ants Farrell: Bali for 11 days.

Liz Tan: London and Paris to see friends.

Tami Lane: Manhattan Beach because it’s the closest beach to the airport.

Bruno du Bois: I haven’t been home for the last three years back in Belgium, so my mum is cracking the whip.

Tami Lane: And then I’m going to Vegas to spend all my hard-earned cash.

Mark Hadlow: Do some more swimming and lots of golf.

Peter King: Probably get a little bit drunk, and a little bit on a holiday.

Conan Stevens: I’m looking forward to going back with my mates and getting on the drink, where I’m not going to get a bad reputation ’cause they already know what I’m like.

James Nesbitt: And then I’m going back to Ireland to see my family and see some of my mates in Belfast for a quiet little weekend.

Peter King: I hope nobody phones me for about three weeks at least.

Reg Garside: Hopefully come back totally refreshed and ready to rock in the next lot.

Unknown: What’re you doing on break, Andy?

Andy Serkis: Well, I’m going back home to maybe have a little bit of time off to go on holiday with the family. And then really, before you know it, I’ll be back.

Peter Jackson: It’s weird because you get to this point when you’re at the end of a block of shooting and you sort of almost feel like you’re going on vacation, but it’s not because on Monday morning, I’m in the cutting room editing, then I’ve got to have meetings with Alan and John and Dan about designing stuff for the second block, and with Richard Taylor about all the things he has to build. So, in some respects I’m back into pre-production again, but also I’m in post-production because I’m editing, plus we’re in production because we’re shooting these movies. So, it’s sort of like being in pre-production, production and post-production all at the same time. It kind of gets a bit screwy. But, before I get to do any of that, I’ve got to jump on a plane tomorrow morning, and go location scouting down in the south island.

Andy Serkis: So, take some good pictures.

Peter Jackson: Yes, yes I will. I’ll take some good pictures.

Peter Jackson: Since we’re going to be doing location shooting during our next block of shooting, it’s really time to have to nail everything down.

Jared Connon: Well, on the recce there’ll be, it’s usually about 17 of us that go. We get around in five helicopters usually. It’s quite a spectacle when we turn up. Peter, Carol, er, Zane, Bridgette, Andrew, Dan Hennah, Simon Bright the art director, Steve Ingram, John Howe, Alan Lee, Eric Saindon, Tony Kitty the grip, Reg Garside the gaffer, and myself. The location scout, Dave Comer, joins us. And Peter’s assistant, Sebastian. The ever-faithful Sebastian’s there.

Peter Jackson: Here on the mountains, I put my hand out, and a cup of tea slides into it. That’s what we like. There’s even a Starbucks up here in the Southern Alps. Slippery, hard to walk, and juggle a cup of tea at the same time on this sort of…

Andrew Lesnie: I know, it’s no mean feat.

Peter Jackson: I never come prepared for these things. I always somehow imagine that it’s gonna be dry and warm and nice. At least it’s not raining.

Peter Jackson: We’ll be not just scouting, which is essentially searching for locations. We’re now returning to the locations that we liked, and we’re going to start to talk about the logistics.

Andrew Lesnie: You gotta think, by the time you’ve helicoptered everybody in, and then you’ve got to helicopter them out before nightfall, you’re not actually here early morning or late afternoon.

Peter Jackson: No, right, you end up doing it in the middle of the day, yeah.

Andrew Lesnie: It’s all broad daytime.

Peter Jackson: Unless you camp out here.

Andrew Lesnie: Well, that’s… yeah, yeah.

Jared Connon: On set, we are allowing approximately half a rugby field for the essential equipment trucks, and then our marquees, crew parking and also unit-based parking, which is where all our make-up and costume facilities are.

Peter Jackson: If you make a path along the edge of this swamp…

Jared Connon: In a sense, we need to create space for two rugby fields’ of equipment.

Peter Jackson: It’s weird on locations because you’re standing in the middle of a mountain or a valley or some beautiful place, and you’re having to figure out, you know, where we’re going to put the crew tents. Where are people going to get changed? Where are the portaloos gonna go? ‘Cause all that stuff’s has to be where you’re not going to point the camera.

Peter Jackson: You can have Gandalf and the dwarves all running up over this brow here and scurrying, hiding behind these rocks, and just when they get there, crane up and…

Peter Jackson: The last thing you wanna find out in six months’ time is that you’re standing on this beautiful mountain and saying, wow, this is exactly the shot I want to do, and you find you’ve got, you know, 20 portaloos right in front of the camera! That’s not what you wanna do. So, you’ve got to figure all that stuff out.

Group chatter: We’ve gotta keep looking. It’s sooner rather than later isn’t it? Yep.

Peter Jackson: We’ll be flying, I don’t know, maybe 30 locations probably.

Jared Connon: We’re shooting locations around the MacKenzie Country, round wilder landscapes below Mount Cook. And we will also be shooting around Dunedan way. More beautiful stone, rock… you know, wild country. And that’s quite exciting because it’s an area of Middle-earth we haven’t visited before.

Peter Jackson: That big rock could be part of the house, couldn’t it?

Jared Connon: Where we’re scouting presently, the edge of Mirkwood and the Anduin grasslands, is south of Queenstown.

Group chatter: It’s pretty incredible. And I’m shooting that.

Jared Connon: We’re still searching, and trying to work out how we’re going to shoot Lonely Mountain, the Misty Mountain paths.

Peter Jackson: The Lonely Mountain should be by itself. If you could look over in that direction there.

Jared Connon: There’s still a few rivers that we’re scouting for. I think we’re getting pretty close to photographing every decent river in New Zealand now.

Peter Jackson: Would be quite funny to have 13 barrels all in the middle of this thing. Yeah, with the guy shouting, ‘Come on, get on with it! Come on, move ahead, get on, go faster!’

Peter Jackson: Is it a floater? It’s quite heavy.

Jared Connon: We’re gonna go to some reasonably remote places. Sometimes place that, you know, very very few people have seen.

Peter Jackson: There’s plenty of New Zealand that we haven’t seen yet. I think people think it’s such a small country, and in Lord of the Rings we saw so much of it, that we must have seen everything, but, believe me, we haven’t. There’s a huge amount of wonderful locations still to come.

Group chatter: Quite a pretty spot, isn’t it? It’s great. It’s a great spot.

Peter Jackson: Well, we’ll say goodbye for now, and, er, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed this update. And there may well be another one coming during the break sometime, so keep your eye out for that.


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