Hugo Weaving Back As Elrond

Reprising his role as Elrond Half-Elven reported confirmed a bit of news that I have thought should have happened way earlier.

Hugo Weaving will reprise his role as Elrond the elf for the two-part Hobbit movie now being shot in Wellington. The Hobbit spokeswoman Melissa Booth confirmed that Weaving would feature in Jackson’s 3-D prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The confirmation came after reports circulated that Weaving was spotted in Wellington last week.

And Peter Jackson even mentioned the meeting that happened between Weaving and him on his Facebook Page with a snap taken of both of them together [read more on this here]. So naturally, fans knew an announcement was brewing.

In June 2009, when Jackson was to be executive producer of The Hobbit, then-director Guillermo del Toro said Weaving would be part of the movie.

And now we know he is. Yay again!



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2 responses to “Hugo Weaving Back As Elrond

  1. Excellent news, Hugo weaving is fantastic. Unfortunately he is so cemented in my mind with his role in The Matrix, that every time I see him in LOTR, I can’t help but think of him saying “Mis-ter Aaaanderson”.
    Even so, very much looking forward to seeing him in the Hobbit 🙂

    • hc

      He is fantastic, isn’t he? Though I must admit, I like the casting of Lee Pace as Thranduil, better than the casting for Elrond. For elves like Glorfindel and Elrond, I have a very different image in my head. Lee fits Thranduil… Well, that’s my opinion anyway – and you are right, when I see Hugo I keep thinking of The Matrix. 🙂 Though I am totally looking forward to seeing him again as Elrond, for the sake of Elrond. Hehehe, don’t know if that makes sense… 😉

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