John Rhys-Davies speaks on ulcers and an invitation to The Hobbit Films set

The 66-year-old Lord of the Rings star, John Rhys-Davies, speaks to Kirsty Johnston from and said he initially told Jackson he wouldn’t be returning to Middle Earth as the dwarf Gimli, but later had a change of heart.

“The other day when I realised it was about to start a little shiver of regret went through me,” he said. “So I called Peter Jackson’s assistant and said, ‘If there was anything or even just an excuse to come down do let me know…’ PJ promptly collapsed and was admitted to hospital, I never heard back. I didn’t think I was that bad!”

Rhys-Davies also revealed he may be spending more time in New Zealand meeting fans at the weekend’s expo.

This next video shows him doing just that and clarifying the joke he made about PJ’s ulcer. 🙂



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