Ian McKellen Updates His Blog: “First Rehearsal”

Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen is having rehearsals! He is finally donning the grey mantle again as Gandalf the Grey! He writes on his blog about visiting the same old places when he was last playing Mithrandir!

Best of all, he has visited the new set for Bag End, which includes a bedroom and a pantry. He has been to the much-loved environs of Hobbiton, with his new cast members.

He writes, “I was at the cast’s first joint rehearsal where Peter Jackson, with Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, invited our comments on their script so far. This is as close to bliss as an actor can get. Facing three Oscar-winning screenplay writers who genuinely want us actors to contribute. AND there were piles of snacks on the coffee tables: fresh fruit, NZ cheese, Minties.”

And in his customary style, quips conclusively, “Two of the cast have forsworn deserts during Lent. Not me, not yet. At lunch I took seconds of the flourless chocolate cake and sour cream.”

McKellen’s blog entry supports a candid picture of James Nesbitt and him, smiling into the camera; and, of course, dessert.

And so it begins. 🙂


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4 responses to “Ian McKellen Updates His Blog: “First Rehearsal”

  1. Earendil

    I must say I was a lurker here but I have to comment on this one! Totally awesome that the day for actual filming is so close. More news will be arriving I am sure! Thanks for keeping me posted – already subscribed!

    • hc

      Most welcome, Earendil. I am glad you like the blog. I am glad that shooting is finally about to happen – that means we can surely expect a movie next December… sigh… that is a long wait though.

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