Ian McKellen Updates His Blog: “Entertaining Theatre”

Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen updates his blog again. He writes about ‘entertaining theatre’ and his weekend visit to the St James’s Theatre.

There’s lots of entertaining theatre in Wellington just now, some of it to coincide with this week’s 2nd AsiaPacific Outgames. At Downstage I’ve seen Mates and Lovers, a two-man telling of New Zealand’s gay history. This is packed with fascinating detail, tho doesn’t mention Samuel Butler, the author of Erewhon, the utopia named for his station/farm on the South Island — not far from the site of LOTR’s Edoras.

Saturday night I forwent the drag queen competition at St James’s Theatre for Downstage again, and Drumdrag, starring Lilith LaCroix. LL is the drag incarnation of Gareth Farr, NZ’s acclaimed composer and percussionist. She has been absent for 10 years and it showed a little.



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