Ian McKellen Updates His Blog: Some Previous Entries Including the Latest One

Ian McKellen

Other blog entries that require a mention leading upto the latest one.

In one he talks of the earthquake in Christchurch, accolades for Colin Firth’s win at the Oscars and a mention of a re-reading of The Hobbit, book and script.


A wonderful photo album on flickr, with witty captions that make you grin! (an aside: if only I was there to just take an autograph!)


A wonderful anecdote about watching a ballet performance by The Royal New Zealand Ballet Company at The Isaac Theatre Royal.


And the latest blog entry beginning with a note about the respectful “two-minute silence across the country just a week after the Christchurch earthquake” and a witty aside:

“By the end of the day, the inevitable: a US-based Christian website claiming the quakes are God’s reaction to the recent advances in lesbian and gay rights in New Zealand.”

…leading to a pleased reaction on the coming out of Stephen Davies.

And photographs of The Hobbit crew and Peter Jackson.



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