James Nesbitt talks about the ‘time off’.

James Nesbitt talks about the ‘time off’ he has had in New Zealand waiting for principal shooting to commence on The Hobbit Films. He is playing the dwarf Bofur and he says that “filming starts in about three weeks and I start in a month, but it’s been great, so I’ve had lots of time off.”

Because of the delays to the film shooting that was supposed to start on 21st February, 2011, he reasoned that the time off was well-spent by training, horse-riding and fight choreography: “We haven’t started filming, we got here mid-January and we were supposed to rehearse, doing lots of horse-riding and framing and stunts and all that, but then Peter got ill, he had a perforated ulcer, so filming was delayed for a few weeks.”

He told Absolute Radio’s ‘Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show’: “So a typical day will be little bit of training, doing a bit of that, trying to get strong, and then doing lots of stunt fights and movement, then going out and horse-riding. I mean, it’s basically playing is what we’re doing.”


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