Titles for The Hobbit Films and a Release Date

Monster and Critics. com have released an article on an update for The Hobbit Films.

It appears New Line are not keen on the idea of calling the two upcoming “Hobbit” movies part 1 and part 2. TheOneRingNet are reporting that the films will go by the titles of “The Hobbit: There and Back Again”, and “The Hobbit: An/The Unexpected Journey.”

The Lord of the Rings website has confirmed that a reliable source to the site has informed them New Line Cinema have officially registered the two titles for the two Peter Jackson Middle-Earth movies.

The news though still not officially confirmed by the studio or Peter Jackson will mean that the titles of “The Hobbit: Part I”, and “The Hobbit: Part II” will become redundant.

The first of the two film’s is expected for a worldwide release date in December of 2012, while the second will likely hit screens exactly a year later.


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