Art: Rudy Chidiac

The son of Carc the raven, born in T.A. 2788, he was a descendant of the ravens that remained in Ravenhill, after their allies, the Dwarves, were driven out by the Dragon Smaug. His father Carc had seen Smaug descend on the mountain.

By the time of the Quest of Erebor organised by Thorin II Oakenshield, Roäc had become the leader of the great ravens of the Lonely Mountain. He was 153 years old and it is stated that “he was getting blind, he could hardly fly, and the top of his head was bald.”

With his and his flock’s help, Roäc told Thorin and Company, that the Dragon was defeated, and he served as a messenger between Thorin, and Dáin II Ironfoot in preparation for the troubles that followed.

Roäc appears only in The Hobbit.


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