Drogo Baggins

Drogo Baggins (TA 2908 (SR 1308) – TA 2980  (SR 1380)) was a Hobbit of the Shire.

He was the son of Fosco Baggins and was the brother of both Dora Baggins and Dudo Baggins.

He married Primula Brandybuck and was the father of Frodo Baggins, the bearer of the One Ring.

He was a second cousin to Bilbo Baggins. Samwise Gamgee’s father, The Gaffer described him as a “decent, respectable hobbit” who was “partial to his vittles.”

After his marriage, he lived in Buckland  and often stayed at Brandy Hall, where his father-in-law, Gorbadoc Brandybuck kept a generous table. He and his wife died when Frodo was only twelve years old. Drogo drowned in the Brandywine River, but there was some debate as to why; some said that he and Primula went boating after dinner and his weight sunk the boat, while others maintained that his wife pushed him in and he pulled her in after him.


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